Feedback on my work

Liviu Iordache, Department Manager

Marius dedicated time and effort to understand our industry, our needs, and the way we conduct business. He customized many features of the application at our request, and came up with suggestions and solutions we found very useful. As a result, getting started was truly a breeze.

Mark van Wolferen, Software License Management Executive

He is enthusiastic, professional and has the exceptional ability to take the verbal requirements and quickly turn them into working applications. Often in the timeframe given for the technical specifications.

He has a wide technical knowledge and interest. It was a pleasure working with him as he is not turned of by technical limitations and is continuously searching for non standard solutions to overcome this.

Jason Tinnin, Internet Entrepreneur

Over the course of 3 years, I have had the great opportunity to work with Marius to develop and brainstorm creative ways of bringing value to Adobe Business Catalyst partners. Marius' desire to bring the best possible user experiences and functionality to his projects is a highly desirable attribute. He's a master at the art of "listen first, speak second". Not only is he easy to work with he's an all around good guy.

Geysa Dantas, Product Manager

In the short period that Marius joined my team at Adobe, he proved to be very resourceful and creative. Marius always made a point to understand the mindset of our customers, even if the information wasn't readily available. He also focused on proposing alternative solutions that would get us to market quicker.

Angelika Geissler, Director Business Development

Marius is great professional, highly service oriented. His profile was more technical at that time but he was always able to match it to the business needs and further improve the developments in this areas. Marius has an extraordinary capacity of execution of his tasks and delivery.

Ahmer Khan, SAM Senior Specialist

I had the pleasure of working with Marius on several occasions and the amount of dedication and skill that he put into his work was simply amazing.

Various, informal

PERFECT!!! Thank you sooo much!! I'm so happy!

That's brill! Thanks again as always Marius. Absolute legend. :)

Thanks so much, you're stellar!

Wow it was great. All I had to do was [...]. It was straight forward and fast! Thank you.

Thank you Marius you are an angel in disguise.

Marius you are total legend! thanks so much we look forward to working with you more over the years!